It’s been a while since I last watched cartoons. What happened to Scooby Doo, Inspector Gadget, and the Care Bears? They’ve been replaced with the most ridiculous crap I’ve ever seen, that’s what. While sitting with my sister this morning (I can’t exactly call it babysitting; she’s 8 years old) I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears. What was on the TV was so annoying, so sanity-killing, so brain-cell damaging that I wanted to jump off of a 10 story building, and had one been nearby, I might have. Well, I didn’t do anything that drastic, I just left the room instead.

Cartoon in question: The Fairly Odd Parents. The mom was having a baby, and a man, (don’t really know if it was the father or the doctor – I had my nose in a book) told the older brother that childbirth is a “very complicated, high-tech medical procedure” and the baby doesn’t just “come out”. Ha! Are you kidding me? So how did babies “come out” before there were doctors and hospitals? What a great lesson to be teaching our children.  This explains so, so much. Sorry Baby Girl, I don’t think you will be watching much TV, with the exception of maybe a Baby Einstein or PraiseBaby DVD. Hurry home, Mom.


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