i LOVE ebay!

I haven’t always loved ebay. Actually, it was Friday when I fell head over heels for all things auctionable. While buying Christmas decorations for next year at all of Friday’s big sales, it dawned on me that I never bought an “Our First Christmas” ornament last year. I meant to, I just never did. So I thought about looking on Ebay for the ornament. Denny thought I was crazy. “Why would someone be selling last year’s ornament?” But they did have last year’s ornament. (And I got it for half of what it would have cost in the store.) There were more ornaments than you could imagine! Ornaments from the 80’s! Ornaments from the 90’s! You can buy anything  on Ebay!  Which is great, because I plan on going all out for Baby Girl’s First Christmas next year. I am going to go so Christmas crazy that I took a break this year and didn’t decorate at all!


2 thoughts on “i LOVE ebay!

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  2. Since the increase in fees to sellers, I’m not sure if any of your views have changes. However, there is a new alternative to Ebay for those who are looking for a new online marketplace!

    A bunch of disgruntled Americans have formed together to create an alternative to Ebay for those who want it.

    It’s called Yardsellr – it’s an easy way to buy and sell online. By connecting to your social networking sites, Yardsellr makes buying and selling online an easy, quick and fun process. The URL is http://yardsellr.com/FgQ

    Check it out or follow Yardsellr on Twitter!

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