30 Weeks

We had our 30 week appointment and a PCP Class last night. The appointment part was fine, as usual. Heart rate was 150 again, belly measured at 30 weeks, and I gained 2 pounds in 2 weeks. Not bad, considering my weight gain the last time. Oh, and there is a reason why I feel as though I am walking with a baby in between my legs (it feels like she is just going to fall out at times!); her head is already down and putting a lot of pressure on my cervix and bladder. Especially my bladder. (And I thought I wouldn’t have to worry about incontinence until I was at least 80 years old.)

Not much to say about the class. We learned about timing contractions and how to tell the difference between false labor and the real thing. Good to know, but not very exciting. The next class will be a bit better, in my opinion, although Denny is not looking forward to it at all. We will be watching a video of a natural childbirth – no editing or blurring out of the graphic parts – we are going to see it all. Plus, we will be writing our birth plans and taking a more in-depth tour of the birthing rooms. The midwife will show us all of the equipment and how it is used – I can’t wait!


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