Every Sunday morning, Denny and I stay in bed for a while after we wake up, just talking and relaxing and avoiding getting up for as long as possible. But lately, we’ve been doing things a little bit differently; we’ve started “playing” with the baby. When she starts moving around, Denny will poke and prod my belly, and usually she will poke back. It is the cutest thing, and so, so funny. We love it! Well this past Sunday, her pokes had a steady rhythm, and we could not figure out why it felt that way. Denny thought that he was feeling my pulse, but I assured him that it was the baby. It only took me about two days to realize that what we were feeling was hiccups! Little baby hiccups! How cute is that?

One more exciting thing: I’m in the last week of my 2nd trimester! We are two-thirds of the way there! By now, baby girl (still nameless, by the way) should weigh about 2 pounds, and she is about 14 inches long. All 5 senses are developed now, and she is practicing her breathing movements. She also can open and close her eyes (they were fused shut until now). I need to try the flashlight trick and see if she will move away from the light. It’s kinda mean, but fun for mommy! Hey, I am sure that there will be plenty of times when she will wake me up when I’m sleeping peacefully.


5 thoughts on “Hiccups

  1. you are right about the last sentence. that is for sure! so, you just finished your second trimester. it sounds like it’s time to start planning a shower!

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