In Case You Forgot…….

I am so sick of hearing about how Barack Obama is the first African American president! Has the entire world forgotten that he is only half black?! Yeah, that’s right. His mother is white. His father is African American. So that makes him half and half.  Mixed. Then there’s the whole Muslim issue. He is not a Muslim. His father was raised as a Muslim, but is now an athiest, and has been since his parents met. And his mother? She’s from a Christian background, but she raised Barack with no religious affiliations, and he is now a Christian. Oh, and one more thing: could we please stop talking about his middle name? Yeah, it’s Hussein. So what? Is that supposed to mean something? Just because he shares a name with someone who was a horrible person, that does not make him a horrible person. There are a lot of Megans in the world, and I guarantee you that I am not like any of them.

*Please do not take this the wrong way. I am not trying to express an opinion about Barack Obama, so please do not use this to make assumptions about who I voted for. I am just stating the facts, and wishing and hoping that the ignorant people of America would do their research before they start spreading rumors.


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