Every Sunday morning, Denny and I stay in bed for a while after we wake up, just talking and relaxing and avoiding getting up for as long as possible. But lately, we’ve been doing things a little bit differently; we’ve started “playing” with the baby. When she starts moving around, Denny will poke and prod my belly, and usually she will poke back. It is the cutest thing, and so, so funny. We love it! Well this past Sunday, her pokes had a steady rhythm, and we could not figure out why it felt that way. Denny thought that he was feeling my pulse, but I assured him that it was the baby. It only took me about two days to realize that what we were feeling was hiccups! Little baby hiccups! How cute is that?

One more exciting thing: I’m in the last week of my 2nd trimester! We are two-thirds of the way there! By now, baby girl (still nameless, by the way) should weigh about 2 pounds, and she is about 14 inches long. All 5 senses are developed now, and she is practicing her breathing movements. She also can open and close her eyes (they were fused shut until now). I need to try the flashlight trick and see if she will move away from the light. It’s kinda mean, but fun for mommy! Hey, I am sure that there will be plenty of times when she will wake me up when I’m sleeping peacefully.


Double Digit Days

Whew! Where has the time gone? We are down to 99 days! (Don’t forget that the countdown on the right is off by a few days. Sorry, I’m too lazy to change it). There is still so much to do! We need curtains for the nursery. And a new cover for the rocking chair cushion. And a mattress (wait, I’m buying that today. I can’t wait to get off work and go get it!) so that I can put the bedding on the crib that we assembled yesterday. We need to finish decorating. We need a name. I have to get guest lists together for my showers. And register for gifts so that people can buy all of the things that we still need what they want to buy. I feel like I am running out of time! But that’s a good thing. I just cannot wait until she’s here!

In Case You Forgot…….

I am so sick of hearing about how Barack Obama is the first African American president! Has the entire world forgotten that he is only half black?! Yeah, that’s right. His mother is white. His father is African American. So that makes him half and half.  Mixed. Then there’s the whole Muslim issue. He is not a Muslim. His father was raised as a Muslim, but is now an athiest, and has been since his parents met. And his mother? She’s from a Christian background, but she raised Barack with no religious affiliations, and he is now a Christian. Oh, and one more thing: could we please stop talking about his middle name? Yeah, it’s Hussein. So what? Is that supposed to mean something? Just because he shares a name with someone who was a horrible person, that does not make him a horrible person. There are a lot of Megans in the world, and I guarantee you that I am not like any of them.

*Please do not take this the wrong way. I am not trying to express an opinion about Barack Obama, so please do not use this to make assumptions about who I voted for. I am just stating the facts, and wishing and hoping that the ignorant people of America would do their research before they start spreading rumors.


It’s a little early, don’t you think? Nah. We’ve painted the room. Well, it’s almost painted. We’ve ordered the furniture. And it’s beautiful. Wanna see?

Cottage Convertible Crib by Rockland      Cottage Dresser / Changer The dresser is the same color as the crib, there just isn’t a picture of it on the website. I think it will look wonderful with the armoire that we bought. I’ll try to put a picture up later when I get home. I’ve bought clothes. And more clothes. And I’ve washed them and folded them and put them away. I’ve researched items for the registry, and I know exactly what I want. But the one thing we still don’t know: her name. We cannot decide on a name! I’m still set on the same name I’ve had all along, but Denny still hasn’t agreed. We haven’t actually talked about it either, so we will see. Only 15 weeks and 5 days to go! Or a few less would be fine too. Baby Girl should be about 1 1/2 pounds by now, and 13-14 inches long. She is going to be growing rapidly in the coming weeks, so I probably will too. And a new belly picture is coming soon! I promise!