It’s been almost 3 weeks – sorry! Two weeks ago, I was off all week (our county had Fall Break, so the kids were out of school for a whole week – nice!) and I was extremely bored and uninspired, and then this past week I have been just too busy to post anything! Hunting season began, and so did my second job. Denny’s family – they process deer meat – and I help out. For now. We’ll see how that goes. Thursday I was sick with a stomach virus – yuck. I found an awesome Pottery Barn armoire on Craigslist for super cheap, so we have the first piece of nursery furniture. We also started painting the nursery. It’s lime green, and it is a lot brighter than I was hoping, but it will tone down once we put the furniture in the room. My sister-in-law’s father passed away after struggling for the last few months with Alzheimer’s and a few other issues, so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. We have our next childbirth class/appointment at the midwife center Wednesday and I can’t wait! And hopefully I will have something a little more interesting to write about soon!


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