Boy, Was I Wrong!

I don’t know what those boy feelings were all about, because this baby is definately not a boy. We are having a healthy, beautiful, perfect baby girl! I’m glad that I didn’t place any bets on it. And I didn’t fall off of the table, but I thought long and hard about taking a picture of myself laying on the floor in the ultrasound room.

Anyway, she is wonderful. She is measuring a few days ahead of schedule, so we might have ourselves a big girl by the end. I cried so much that when we walked back into the lobby, people were asking me if something was wrong. They probably thought that I had lost the baby or something. I was just so happy that everything was ok, and I did get the girl that deep down, I really wanted so badly. And of course, we immediately went shopping for cute, girly clothes. She is already on her way to having a fabulous wardrobe!

Here she is, she’s looking right at you!

Sucking her thumb – how cute!

Teeny tiny feet!

We’re halfway to meeting this precious baby girl!


4 thoughts on “Boy, Was I Wrong!

  1. I baby girl!! yea! I’m so happy for y’all. Everytime Kim and I went shopping for her baby I always went straight for the girlie stuff. It’s just so cute! Your gonna have a Mini Megan!

  2. Sounds just like what happened with me…. only the opposite!!! LOL! I was sooo sure Dylan was a girl!!!! I even called him “Daphne” when I sang to him in the shower- so for almost 20 weeks Dylan was referred to as a girl! When I had the 20 wk ultrasound I asked “are you sure- I think you’re mistaken!” Boy was I wrong too!!! And another friend of mine was sure she was having a boy…. and she found out it was a girl!!! So- don’t feel like the only one who guessed wrong- besides God has this little girl picked out especially for you and Denny!!!!
    Just like Dylan was picked out for us!!!! Congratulations and I’m so happy for you both!!!!! Yaaayyyyyyy!!!!!

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