19 Week Appointment

As most of you already know, I am using a midwife and giving birth in a birthing center, instead of going to a doctor and giving birth in a hospital. And each time that I have an appointment, I am thankful for this decision more and more. Today’s appointment was the first of seven classes in the Prenatal Care Plus program – which is basically childbirth education and regular appointment-type stuff all rolled into one. There are 10 expectant mothers in the classes, including me, and we are all due within 3 weeks of each other. So we are all experiencing the same things at the same time and can relate to each other very well. Today we talked about eating healthy and exercising during pregnancy, and what was safe, and what should be avoided. It was very enlightening, and there was plenty of time for any and all questions to be answered. I LOVE IT!

Better news: the baby is doing great, and so am I. His or her heart rate was 150 today, about the same as always. And I have gained 5 pounds in the last 3 weeks, for a total of 10 pounds. Yay! That is perfect at this point. So I’m still on the right track to gaining 30 pounds, and not 50 or 60.

Even better news: I scheduled the appointment for THE ultrasound. It is Tuesday at 10:30! Can you believe it? It’s really happening! In 6 days! Denny better have on his walking shoes, because I am hitting the mall hard when we get out of there. All we have bought so far is diapers and wipes. That’s no fun. I’m ready to buy clothes and blankets and cute little socks. So if it’s midnight before I get back home and update you on the sex – sorry!


2 thoughts on “19 Week Appointment

  1. Thanks for rooting for us.
    I hope it isn’t a long drawn out process. That is just happens & soon.
    This “have fun trying” thing is very strenuous.

    Anyway…I’m jealous you get to use a Midwife. I guess now that I can’t use one I want to worse than ever. Always want what you can’t have. I had an emergency c-section with Anaston so this go round I have to be hospitalized.
    So I’ll live the experience through your writings – keep them coming.

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