It’s been almost 3 weeks – sorry! Two weeks ago, I was off all week (our county had Fall Break, so the kids were out of school for a whole week – nice!) and I was extremely bored and uninspired, and then this past week I have been just too busy to post anything! Hunting season began, and so did my second job. Denny’s family – they process deer meat – and I help out. For now. We’ll see how that goes. Thursday I was sick with a stomach virus – yuck. I found an awesome Pottery Barn armoire on Craigslist for super cheap, so we have the first piece of nursery furniture. We also started painting the nursery. It’s lime green, and it is a lot brighter than I was hoping, but it will tone down once we put the furniture in the room. My sister-in-law’s father passed away after struggling for the last few months with Alzheimer’s and a few other issues, so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. We have our next childbirth class/appointment at the midwife center Wednesday and I can’t wait! And hopefully I will have something a little more interesting to write about soon!


Boy, Was I Wrong!

I don’t know what those boy feelings were all about, because this baby is definately not a boy. We are having a healthy, beautiful, perfect baby girl! I’m glad that I didn’t place any bets on it. And I didn’t fall off of the table, but I thought long and hard about taking a picture of myself laying on the floor in the ultrasound room.

Anyway, she is wonderful. She is measuring a few days ahead of schedule, so we might have ourselves a big girl by the end. I cried so much that when we walked back into the lobby, people were asking me if something was wrong. They probably thought that I had lost the baby or something. I was just so happy that everything was ok, and I did get the girl that deep down, I really wanted so badly. And of course, we immediately went shopping for cute, girly clothes. She is already on her way to having a fabulous wardrobe!

Here she is, she’s looking right at you!

Sucking her thumb – how cute!

Teeny tiny feet!

We’re halfway to meeting this precious baby girl!


This has been the longest day of my life. And it continues to drag on. And on and on.

Ok, so I mentioned in an earlier post that I have a very strong feeling about the sex of this baby, but I didn’t reveal to you what exactly that feeling is. Well, I am thinking boy! I KNOW it is a boy. I don’t know how I know, I just know. If this baby turns out to be a girl tomorrow, I will probably fall off of the table. Not that I don’t want a girl – I would absolutely love a little girl. I already have a girl’s name picked out and set in stone (however, I have NO IDEA what I would name a boy). I constantly daydream of buying cute dresses and bows. But I don’t think that this baby is my girl. Hopefully some day, she will come.

So for now, I am patiently waiting. Whatever the sex might be, I just hope that baby is healthy. So please keep us in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow that everything will be ok. And that baby is not too modest to let us see what they’ve got!

Birth Photography

I feel like the luckiest, most blessed person in the world. Why? Because Wendi Hiller is going to take birth pictures of our little one! Her work is absolutely AMAZING. Every time I visit her site I am brought to tears at the way she can capture such strong feelings and emotions with her camera. She also took pictures of my niece Beatrice when she was born, and words cannot describe how beautiful they are. And she is going to be there – camera in tow- for Baby Hulsey’s first few hours of life out in the real world! Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Totally. Oh! I can’t wait!

There’s Something Going on in There

I thought  that I had been feeling flutters for the past week or so, but I just wasn’t sure. I didn’t know what it was supposed to feel like, and to be honest, it felt a lot like gas. Well apparently, baby wants me to know that he or she is in there, because I have been feeling some kicks today! Not just faint flutters, but actual, unmistakable, that is definately the baby, kicks. It’s the most awesome feeling! It is even more real now than it was before. There really is a little person in there, moving all around. A person that Denny and I made together. A person that we will get to meet and hold in just a few more months. Unbelievable. I don’t ever say much about God or religion on here, but He is awesome. This is such a miracle, and I am so glad that He has given us this baby!

19 Week Appointment

As most of you already know, I am using a midwife and giving birth in a birthing center, instead of going to a doctor and giving birth in a hospital. And each time that I have an appointment, I am thankful for this decision more and more. Today’s appointment was the first of seven classes in the Prenatal Care Plus program – which is basically childbirth education and regular appointment-type stuff all rolled into one. There are 10 expectant mothers in the classes, including me, and we are all due within 3 weeks of each other. So we are all experiencing the same things at the same time and can relate to each other very well. Today we talked about eating healthy and exercising during pregnancy, and what was safe, and what should be avoided. It was very enlightening, and there was plenty of time for any and all questions to be answered. I LOVE IT!

Better news: the baby is doing great, and so am I. His or her heart rate was 150 today, about the same as always. And I have gained 5 pounds in the last 3 weeks, for a total of 10 pounds. Yay! That is perfect at this point. So I’m still on the right track to gaining 30 pounds, and not 50 or 60.

Even better news: I scheduled the appointment for THE ultrasound. It is Tuesday at 10:30! Can you believe it? It’s really happening! In 6 days! Denny better have on his walking shoes, because I am hitting the mall hard when we get out of there. All we have bought so far is diapers and wipes. That’s no fun. I’m ready to buy clothes and blankets and cute little socks. So if it’s midnight before I get back home and update you on the sex – sorry!