Crossing Over

I’ve finally reached the point in my pregnancy where I look undeniably pregnant. And not like I’ve eaten one too many Krispy Kremes. My belly has officially “popped”, and people don’t hesitate to ask me when I’m due for fear of possibly offending the non-pregnant fat girl.

I also reached the point where I decided that Enough Is Enough and I took out my belly button ring. It was poking out more than it had before I got knocked up and it looked very teenager-ly. I knew that it had to go at some point, and although I’m not sad about it going, it is weird to no longer have something that was attached to my body for the past 6 years.

It’s also weird that I suddenly LOVE being pregnant. I complained about it so much in the beginning, but now, the tables have turned. And I think it has to do with the fact that I look pregnant. It finally sunk in that this is real and that there is a baby in there! I love the way that my belly looks now. I honestly think that I look better than I ever have before. I feel so proud of my body because my baby is growing inside. Oh, I’m getting emotional. Sorry. I will leave you with the words of Liza Elliott-Ramirez of Runway Moms: “Pregnant women are sexy”!

*Oh, and by the way, there is an 18 week picture on the Baby Bump page!


4 thoughts on “Crossing Over

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  2. Megan I had to tell you…… just wait until you find out if you’re having a boy/girl. I remember when I found out it was “Dylan” it changed everything. This little baby that was
    growing in me suddenly had a personality. I knew who I was talking to and singing too. It will be so cool when you find this out which won’t be long!!!!! Just wait how excited you and Denny will be!!! Love, Aunt D

  3. “Pregnant Women are sexy” That’s right, my words! I’m so happy you have had a change of perception.
    Wishing you all my best. Sending you tons of good vibrations.

    Liza Elliott-Ramirez
    Expecting Models Inc.
    Runway Moms

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