Busy, Busy Me

Monday was the start of my 8-week-long job as a substitute for a teacher on maternity leave.

Monday was also the day that I realized that I made a HUGE mistake. Why did I agree to this? Eighth graders are horrible. They are loud, lazy, rude, and disrepsectful. Well, most of them are.

I am also more exhausted now than I was in my first trimester. I think I was spoiled by sleeping in until lunch time every day. Waking up at 6:00 in the morning is not for me. In the afternoons when I get home, I immediately change into my pajamas and snooze on the couch for a few hours.

But it’s only for 8 weeks. Or 7 weeks and 1 day now. Minus the 3 days that I have to take off for appointments.

And it sure does make the time go by a lot faster.

But I honestly don’t know if I’m going to make it.


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