Semi-Crazy as a Loon

Am I the only person who thinks that Sandra Lee (from Food Network’s “Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee) is completely insane? Seriously, the woman is way too cheery and enthusiastic. It’s almost scary. And she must have an unlimited budget for the show. Every day, her kitchen has a different color scheme. Each and every appliance, utensil, gadget, and serving dish are different from one day to the next. And let’s not forget about the curtains and the rest of the decor. If one thing is green, it’s all  green. Or all blue, or all yellow, or all pink. It’s a little much, in my opinion. And does this woman drink all of these cocktails that she concocts? Can we say “alcoholic”? Now it’s fine to have a drink or two if you’re having a party (which with Sandra Lee there is always a party), but it’s every. single. day. I wonder how her liver is holding up. Oh, there’s one last thing I almost forgot to mention: the “tablescapes”. Does this woman not have anything better to do than shop at the craft store and then spend hours making personalized place settings and name cards? Give me a break. Who has time for that? Oh, and of course the tablescapes match the rest of the color-scheme-of-the-day. Of course.

Just thought I’d point that out. You know, just in case you weren’t aware.


5 thoughts on “Semi-Crazy as a Loon

  1. I’ve often wondered the same thing…during the 5 or less minutes I accidently watch that annoyance.

    Sometimes it scares me how much we’re alike.
    Brianne loves that women.
    I can’t stand her.
    Goes to show how OPPOSITE me & my sister are.

  2. Hey – I just wanted to say thanks for the add to your blog roll! Good luck with your pregnancy. Yesterday we found out that we are having TWO GIRLS. I am beyond excited. 🙂

    I also agree on Sandra Lee. She is a total lunatic with way too much time on her hands. Her show concept is supposed to be “semi-homemade” and why is that? To help people save time in the kitchen so they can devote the rest of their lives to crafting and drinking cocktails? Eww.


  3. Yes!!!! Okay I admit I have a little bit of Obsessive-Compulsive tendancies but she is need of heavy medication
    or extensive therapy!!! I can’t stand when she uses the place settings with everyone’s name on it! Okay the only one I love watching is Barefoot Contessa and she has what I call the Japanese smiling disease. I always say it’s usually a sign of deep depression. Anyways I like watching her but sometimes what she makes is kind of funky.
    Ok chick- 5 stars

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