No Lunch Meats?

I feel like the stupidest pregnant woman ever.

Until yesterday, I had no idea that I could not eat lunch meat while I’m pregnant. Why haven’t I heard about this before now? I knew I couldn’t have sushi (I wouldn’t eat it anyway, pregnant or not) or alcohol. But lunch meat?

So now I am flipping out. As it turns out, the baby could die or be born premature. But I can only remember eating a few sandwiches, so maybe I haven’t done any major damage. Is there anything else that I should know about?


6 thoughts on “No Lunch Meats?

  1. I worried about lunch meats too. I think I had one sandwich before I found out. My midwife told me that it was most likely fine because it is rare that lunch meat has listeria. But it is good to be cautius and avoid it unless you cook it. Then it’s safe!

    Enjoy this special stage! It does go fast..well until you get to about 35 weeks. Heehee. It is all good though!

  2. I’m older and haven’t ever heard of it either. Maybe that’s it though I ate too much bologna when I was pregnant with Michael. That’s why he is so different than you and Makayla.

  3. It is a sick, cruel joke that the very condition that makes me crave HUGE multi-layer hero sandwiches also forbids me from eating them. But lunchmeat is fine as long as you heat it to steaming. I’ve since settled for making fabulous egg-ham-turkey-cheese sandwiches, all melty and good.

    You’ll make do 😉

    (By the way, I TOTALLY do the counting-the-pills-down thing. What’s really fun is when you start buying groceries and cereals that expire after your baby will be here.)


  4. I ate a lot of hot dogs while I was pregnant. Oscar Meyer Cheese ones. I can remember it. They are really bad for you. Supposedly, lunch meat including hot dogs is not good for children either because of the nitrates, etc. We still eat it. I just try not to eat it excessively. I did hear that DHA is great for preggers to take – but I didn’t learn about it until the end of my pregnancy. You can check that info out on the Dr. Sears site.

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