Things I’m Pissed Off About Today

  1. I need a job. I actually  want a job. Staying home is not nearly as fun as I’d imagined. Chatham county has numerous positions open. I am qualified and available. Why are they not calling me? What are they waiting for?
  2. This weekend is Labor Day Weekend. Every year, we load up and go to Jekyll Island with Denny’s family. I have been looking forward to it since we got back last year, but as of yesterday, I don’t even want to go. The one thing that I was most excited about is not going to happen, because of someone else’s irresponsible behavior. Because of your lack of self control, I am missing out. That is completely unfair, and I just hope that one day you will realize just how much you hurt the people that are closest to you. Wait a second, on second thought, you already do realize it, but you just don’t seem to care.
  3. My husband hates talking on the phone even more than I do, so I got stuck with calling Lowe’s and asking questions about lawn mowers – something that I know absolutely nothing about. Thanks for making me look like a complete idiot honey.
  4. I got a haircut yesterday, and nobody noticed. And trust me, it’s noticeable.
  5. We took our golf cart to be repaired last week. We picked it up, and guess what? It isn’t fixed. So we had to take it back this morning. Which means that I can’t ride it today, nor could I ride it yesterday. I usually ride it every day. It is relaxing, and it gets me out of the house. And in the evenings, I ride around and look at the deer in the fields around our house. But I won’t get to enjoy the deer today, thanks to you, Mr. Golf Cart Repair Man.
  6. If 1 gallon of milk is $3.99, why on earth is a half gallon $3.29? Shouldn’t it be $2.00? That’s mathematically correct, right?
  7. I cannot think of one single baby boy name that I like, and I have only 1 girl name that I like. I used to have a list a mile long, but one by one, they were crossed off because they just weren’t perfect. And any name that I do like, Denny doesn’t like. I just want a name that isn’t at all common, but isn’t so uncommon that it’s weird. Something cool, that makes every other kid jealous of my kid just because they have such an awesome name. Help! Any suggestions?

4 thoughts on “Things I’m Pissed Off About Today

  1. Girly! Sorry things aren’t looking up. I think I’m going to steal your post though. Maybe a daily……what I’m pissed about today.
    Then again all those peps who call me a B will just have another reason to say I’m a B.
    #1 Things will fall into place for you soon enough. And if they don’t – you’ll soon have someone to keep you company. You’ll no longer know the meaning of bored.
    #2 someone always has to ruin things. Sounds like you might have someone on the other side of the family just like I do…always ruins things.
    #4 I LOVE your haircut! Heehee. I haven’t seen you since um….well….christmas. But I’m sure it looks great.
    #5 I want a golf cart. I figure if I asked every day (sometimes more than once) eventually I’ll get one.
    #7 have tons of baby names but what will I do when it comes time to pick out one for my (hopefully) son? I tell you it will come to you & when it does you’ll know.

  2. Riding the estrogen coaster is kind of fun, especially since you are the conductor. You can vent, rage, and scream on the pregnancy ticket. The best part is you can toss in all the things that you have been wanting to say (when you were not pregnant) but haven’t. It’s great fun. Go ahead and get it all off of your chest. And, as far as the hair goes. I have not seen it. But, I know that it looks fabulous. Your hair is your crowning glory. It always looks phenom!

  3. i was looking for “how does antoher world look from my word” and here i got…

    i have to say : is not that fun at all…

    but i wish you strenght, good luck and more…

    mail me if you want…

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