Our First Ultrasound….




 ….was AMAZING!! Yesterday was by far the best day of my life (besides my wedding day). Just seeing this little person inside of me with a beating heart, a spine and brain, and of course the cute little arms and legs was unexplainable. I cannot even put into words how I felt at that moment. There were tears, smiles, laughs, oohs and ahhs, and it truly is a miracle. I don’t think that 10 minutes has gone by yet without me looking at those pictures.

Anyway, onto the details. The heartbeat was 153 bpm, so if you’re superstitious, you can go ahead and make your assumptions about what’s between the legs. Unfortunately, we won’t find out that info for another 9 WEEKS! I will surely go insane before then. The baby is measuring almost 2 inches long, and my uterus is measuring very long. Whatever that means. I guess that explains why I’m so big already. About the pictures -the baby is upside down in both of them (the little booger was sleeping and we had to push on my stomach to wake him/her up. That was the coolest moment. It started moving around and waving its arms, and doing flips in my belly. I can’t wait to feel all of that!), and it should be easy to figure out the body parts.


3 thoughts on “Our First Ultrasound….

  1. It’s a GIRL….I just know it…where are the belly pics??? I’m so excited for you! I sure do miss ya and wish I could rub your tummy when the baby gets big…maybe I’ll see ya…afterall, I do know where you live and I need to help ya with the carseat….I haven’t touched one since Bulloch.

  2. I think all the heartbeat stuff is bogus anyway – we tried to determine the sex of Beatrice for 10 months – we never found something that was 100% sure – Yay – great pics – congratulations again!!!!!!! Au Revoir!

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