My Clothes Don’t Fit!

And I’m only 9 1/2 weeks! What am I gonna look like by the time February rolls around? I didn’t realize that my “regular clothes” will no longer fit because I haven’t worn “regular clothes” in a while. I lead such an exciting life, don’t I? For work, I usually wear a t-shirt and Soffe shorts, and at home, it’s the same thing. I haven’t worn any bottoms without an elastic waistband in weeks! So last night I was getting dressed to go have dinner with Denny’s family, and my shorts wouldn’t button! So what did I do? Well, after I tried on about 20 other things, I put the shorts back on and I just didn’t button them. And thank goodness, they didn’t fall down! So first thing this morning, I ordered my Bella Band, and it should be here sometime next week. Until then, the fine people of Bulloch County better watch out, or they just might get mooned!


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