Morning Sickness? Ha!

Why do they call it morning sickness? ‘Cause it surely isn’t limited to the morning hours. It’s pretty much all day and even the middle of the night sickness. But why should I complain? I have yet to puke, although I constantly feel as if I am about to at any moment. You know that feeling, when you are really drunk and lightheaded and it feels like the room is spinning? Yeah, that’s how I feel just about all day long. Oh, and one more thing. I think I have figured out why people get this dreaded morning all day sickness: There is this constant, nagging thought that another person is actually growing inside of your body, and that is just freaky crazy! And on top of that, you are responsible for its well-being and safety, and that is a lot of pressure! I think I’m losing my mind. Time to go eat again…………….


2 thoughts on “Morning Sickness? Ha!

  1. Oh girl! If you think it’s pressure to take care of the baby while it’s inside of you–Just wait until you have to take care of the baby when it’s outside of you! (lol)

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Morning sickness (a.k.a All day sickness is the pits!)

  2. Ahhh yes. Such fond memories of the all-day sick. I never actually hurled chunks, but most days found me panting and moaning flat on my back on the couch. My short list of friends included orange sorbet, cheerios with almond milk, and these great little 40-calorie fudge pops. That was about it.

    Hopefully, you’ve likely only got a few more weeks to go. Hang in there!!


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