The Redeemer

He might be loud, annoying, and really, really dumb.

He greets me with jumps and scratched up legs each day when I get home from work.

He often chases the golf cart and the 4-wheeler like a psychotic wild beast. 

He usually gets wet when his daddy uses the bathroom outside (don’t forget, we live in the middle of nowhere) because he can’t wait for him to finish before he must re-mark his territory.

He sometimes digs up the mulch in my flower bed, which drives me INSANE!

He used to jump on top of my car and leave scratch marks, but thankfully he has gotten past that stage.

He also used to pee on everything in sight- including the toaster (yes, the toaster, that sat on the counter top in the kitchen. We have since gotten a new toaster.), laundry baskets, couch, flower pots, bags of groceries that I had brought inside and sat on the floor, etc. – and this is the reason that he is now an “outside dog” for the rest of his days.

But there is one thing that he does that I will never complain about. Well, actually two things. Whenever we have a visitor, he makes sure that we know that someone is approaching long before we can ever hear the vehicle pull up outside. This most often is the UPS man. I wonder what he thinks of this crazy little dog?

And the second, and most important job of his, is the Snake Patrol. If and when there is a snake in the yard, my little Magnum gets super protective. He even has a distinct Snake Bark which instantly alerts Denny and I that there is indeed a snake to be killed.

For example, a few nights ago, Denny and I were sitting on the couch playing a game, when all of a sudden, we heard the dreaded Snake Bark. We jumped up and raced outside, BB gun in hand. A few minutes later, the moccasin was history.

But the scariest part of all this? No less than 2 minutes before, I had been outside, walking just feet away from where the snake was. It was dark out, and I easily could have been bitten. Thank goodness for my annoying, dumb, leg-scratching, territory-marking Magnum.


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