There is a Reason for Everything

Since you can afford a $40,000 automobile, I will go out on a limb and speculate that the reason for your 5 month old daughter being seated on your lap in the passenger seat (yes, while the car was moving along a highway) and NOT in her carseat was NOT because you cannot afford one, but simply because you are stupid and you do not value her life. Oh, and yes, you are the same one who drinks beer while driving a car with your children inside, AND the same one who offers a toddler beer. On a regular basis. Some people do not deserve to have children. And yet there are those who are not able to have children, who, if they could and did have children, would NEVER abuse a child in this way. Good grief. There is a reason why babies and children are required to be in a carseat while in a car. In retrospect, I guess there is a reason why you felt it was unnecessary to follow this law. Let’s hope you don’t get into an accident (while being distracted by the beer that you are trying to pop the tab on) that causes your child (or worse, both of your children) to die because they gothrough a window because they are not properly restrained by their carseat! And this folks, is the reason for karma. Don’t worry. They will get theirs.


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