Since I can’t think of anything else to write, and since this has been the only thing on my mind since Saturday two years ago, I give you 1 word that totally sums up how I am feeling:

Jeal.ous.y – noun – resentment against a rival, a person enjoying success or advantage, or against another’s success or advantage itself; bitter envy

I won’t bother you with why I am jealous or who I am jealous of. If you know me, you can probably guess why. If not, here’s a hint: It’s not fair that some people who try so hard never make it, while there are those who do so without even trying.

Appreciate what you have been given, people! There are others around you who aren’t as lucky or as successful as you, and it hurts them every time that they see you, think about you, or even hear your name!


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