What Will I Do?

Poor, poor, pitiful me. Denny is leaving for Texas bright and early tomorrow morning. Until Saturday!

What will I do with myself? I will be so bored without him at home.

Wait a minute. On second thought……………………..

I can take naps in the evenings without having to endure a guilt trip! And naps are just what I need since Mr. Strep Throat (or either just a really, really bad sore throat, fever, body aches, and chills) has come a-knockin’ at my door. Yay for naps!

No, what I really need to do is plan something special for our 1 year anniversary which is ONLY 35 DAYS AWAY!!! Can you believe it? 1 year already! Where does the time go? Oh yeah, it goes by so fast because I SLEEP ALL OF THE TIME!!!


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