My New Shoes

baby shoes

Originally uploaded by megandenny841

I got some new shoes yesterday.

The problem is, I don’t have a baby to put them on.

Let’s just say we are planning for the future.

Our friend Megan M. works at a store that is going out of business, so everything is super cheap. So when Denny stopped by yesterday, he couldn’t resist buying these cute little boots. They are super soft and oh-so-cute! He got a little pair of Georgia boots for boys too, so either way, we’ve got some shoes for the little Hulsey in our future. I guess we’d better get busy. We’ve got some little shoes to fill!


2 thoughts on “My New Shoes

  1. So cute!!!

    Would you believe I have an entire box of little girl clothes for the baby girl that I never had . . .

    It doesn’t hurt to dream! 🙂

    But, they have served me well, when a baby shower pops up . . .

    I am slowly gifting them out . . .

    Kind of sad, really . . .:)

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