Do You Know What Time It Is?

I do! It’s after 5:00.

And do you know where I am? I’m still at school!

I will be able to leave at 7:00. Which means that I will have been here for 12 hours when I leave!

Now, I understand that during student teaching there are certain expectations that I must meet. But come on. It is “Sock it to the CRCT” night. (If you don’t know what the CRCT is, it is a state standardized test that all students take, and 8th graders must pass it to go to high school). Um, how many people do I think will show up? Not many. This is Screven County. The land of people who don’t give a —- (insert your word of choice here) about anything! Much less their child’s education. Trust me, that is obvious. Anyhow, I am only a student teacher, what do I have to offer? I have never been around for the CRCT before, and I can offer no help or advice on how to be successful. Wait, I take that back. Um, maybe your child should just shut up and pay attention in class, and then they would actually learn the material that will be on the test. Hmm, that will never happen.

But my biggest complaint of all? I’m the only one (well, one of two; another student teacher will be in attendance) who isn’t getting paid! I don’t get paid to be here every day, instead, I have to pay to be here! So shouldn’t I catch a break? I think so.

Ugh. Only 27 days to go, and 11 days until spring break. It can’t get here fast enough.


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