I Never Realized….

How STUPID people (excuse me , I mean eighth graders) can be! Daylight savings time has completely baffled them. Wanna know what I heard today about Saturday night’s event?

  1. Since we lost an hour, it will make the school day shorter.
  2. We will lose an hour of sleep EVERY  night until the time changes again in the fall. (This statement was backed up with the argument that the sun used to be up when they woke up, and this morning they were up before the sun.)
  3. Time goes by faster now.

I mean really, is it that difficult to understand? I tried to explain that we only lost an hour that one night, but they just looked at me like I was crazy. Yes, I must be. Why, please somebody tell me why, did I decide to become a middle school teacher?!?!?!


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