Why I Choose to teach Middle School

Ok, so just about every single person that I know has asked me the question, “why would you want to teach middle school? That is such a horrible age!” But if you think about, it’s the best age. Middle schoolers are usually 11 – 14 years old. Isn’t that when puberty begins and hormones begin to rage out of control? Yep. But in 2 years, I have never encountered any “typical” teenage hormonal outbursts. Instead, I have dealt with some of the most independent, well-behaved, and aiming-to-please students. If I had been in an elementary school, I probably would have been faced with clingy, whiny, runny-nosed, too young to do anything by themselves (tying their shoes, going to the bathroom, etc.) kids that would have driven me crazy by now! And at the high school level, I would have killed someone by now. While eating at El Sombrero on Friday night, I overheard a conversation at the table behind us that went something like this:

“Oh my god! Hey! I can’t believe you’re here!” (girl)

“Yeah. Hey.” (guy)

“I never get to see you anymore since we don’t have any classes together this semester.” (girl. in an extremely whiny voice)

“Yeah. hfgurhguhrughehgg” (guy. couldn’t really understand what else he said)

“Did (some girl’s name inserted here) say anything to you about me?” (girl)

“No. Like what?” (guy)

“Remember that day when I gave you a hug in the parking lot, and she saw me? She looked mad. And I know she doesn’t like me.” (girl)

“No, she didn’t say anything.” (guy)

“Oh, ok. Well, I miss you. I wish I got to see you more often.” (girl)

Ok, I’ll stop there. I mean really, could she have sounded any more stupid or desperate? I doubt it. See, high schoolers are concerned with very few things: the opposite sex (or sometimes the same sex), friends, enemies, and what they’re doing this weekend. If I had to overhear conversations like that one all day, every day, I’m pretty sure that I would NOT be able to stop myself from telling someone exactly how stupid they are! Now don’t you see why middle schoolers are so great?


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