The Business of Being Born

The Business of Being Born

I have great news! One, I figured out to put a video on my blog. Two, The Business of Being Born is going to be shown close by! I searched a few days ago, and I was disappointed to find out that there were no upcoming screenings in Georgia. But then a thought hit me: What about South Carolina? So I looked, and guess what I found. There is a screening next Saturday! Where in SC? At the University of SC in Bluffton! That’s just right down the road. I really, really want to see it. What do you say, mom? Wanna go? We can make a day out of it and go shopping too…………….. You hooked yet?


3 thoughts on “The Business of Being Born

  1. Brian really wants to go. We are super busy that day — so I don’t know if I can make it. I didn’t know you were “so” into it. I am so proud of you. The more you learn, the more empowered you are. If you go you will have to let us know all about it — well, you can’t ruin the surprise because we are going to see it. But, at least you can give us a review. Good goin’ Megan!!!!!!

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