Denny’s gift

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Ok, so I’m about a week late with this post. Oh well. This is what I got for Valentine’s Day from my wonderful husband. Instead of buying cut flowers that would probably be dead and in the trash by now, he bought flowers that I could plant outside and look at for a long, long time. Aren’t they lovely?


Wedding Pictures – Take 2

Ok, so I tried once before to make a slideshow of our wedding pictures, and in half of the pics, either our heads were cut off, arms were missing, or some other body part had been left out of the photo. Well, I tried again, this time on another site, and, well, see for yourself!

It worked!

Wow. Someone in Hollywood must be reading my blog because guess what! The writer’s strike is off. Now I can have my Grey’s Anatomy back. Now don’t you go thinking that I watch too much tv, because I don’t. In fact, I rarely ever watch tv, except when Grey’s is on, and then there’s the occasional HGTV fix that I need every now and then. I’d rather be reading. Which reminds me, I have a newly-checked-out library book calling my name!

My Valentine

With Valentine’s Day swiftly approaching, I find myself unable to think of anything “original” to do/buy for Denny. I am so not creative. And since this is our first V-Day as a married couple, I want it to be really special. Any suggestions?

A Fresh Start

“The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet.” – James Oppenheim

This fresh start has two meanings. One, I guess you can say that I am trying to forget my troubles. I’ve decided not to dwell on the things that I do not have, but instead, I plan to focus on the things that bring me joy. Two, I am going to try to blog about something other than babies and school. Something new and different. It’s gonna be hard, since my life is all about school right now, but I’m gonna try. Bear with me.