Mr. Motivation, I need HELP!

Why is it that I can’t seem to get going anymore? I have so much that I want (and desperately need) to do, but I can’t ever make myself actually do it. I want to make a slideshow of our wedding pictures and post them on here, and on Myspace. I want to start exercising and eating healthier again (hopefully I will accomplish half of that today. the eating healthy part is already down the drain), because I feel like I have gained a TON of weight recently. I need to clean out our home office room. It is a complete disaster! It’s full of junk and even though I have contemplated cleaning it numerous times, once I open that door and assess the mess, I instantly give up. And most importantly, I need to work on lesson plans! I start teaching Monday, and I haven’t finished my lesson plans for next week yet. Now if my plans could look like my supervising teacher’s do, I could plan for all of next week in about 10 minutes, as well as fit an entire month’s worth of plans on one page.  But I am not so lucky. For me, one day = two pages. Two pages! I can’t wait until I can write two-word lesson plans. Whoa, I’m way off track. What else needs doing? Nothing right now, but soon, I will be itching to plant a vegetable garden, and I will want to landscape our yard this spring. I’m getting into the whole natural food thing (plus, we have recently become poor since I am unable to work for the next 3 1/2 months!) so growin’ crops is my new calling. I know I can do it, I’ve done it before. I’m just so un-motivated! I think I just need a nap……….


2 thoughts on “Mr. Motivation, I need HELP!

  1. yay!!! a vegetable garden…it’s so much fun!! I can’t wait until warm weather. I think it’s all these cold, rainy days that have ya paralyzed. I feel the same way. I miss you and your zany sense of humor. Your funny.

  2. I remember those obnoxious LONG, very unrealistic lesson plans we had to do in college too!! They are so, “not-real-world!”

    And when you get your first teaching job, you’ll completely understand why teachers resort to writing two-word lesson plans!

    There is so much other stuff to do!!!! 🙂
    A busy, busy, job! (I hope I’m not scaring you!)

    But you’ll love it!!

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