Where’s the News?

Is it just me, or does the Statesboro Herald fail to report all of the news in Bulloch County? Maybe I’m just too nosey (thanks mom – I get that from you). There was a major wreck a few miles from our house a couple of weeks ago, and I never read anything about it in the paper. And yesterday, there was another accident which was major enough for police to block off the highway for several hours. And rumor has it that someone died. But is there a story about it in today’s paper? Not that I see. Why are we constantly being left in the dark about such important issues in the community? Maybe if people were made aware of the danger of that intersection, they would use more caution when approaching it. Both of the wrecks occured at the intersection of Highway 46 and Nevils-Denmark Highway. Even I have almost been involved in a wreck there because of someone who failed to look both ways at the stop sign before crossing the highway. If you pass by there, you will see several crosses at the corner which mark the number of lives that have been taken at that junction. The intersections of Highways 46 and 67, and at Hwys. 67 and Nevils-Denmark are equally dangerous, both decorated with their share of crosses as well. Denny has named the triangular area the “Bermuda Triangle” since there is such a big chance that if you pass through, you won’t make it out alive. So how many lives are enough? How long is it gonna be before we get ALL of the news?



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