The Results of My Photo Session

Ok, so I learned a valuabe lesson this week: I do not really like taking pictures of people. They are so hard to deal with. They don’t cooperate very well with what I want them to do. And they move around too much. Who am I talking about? My brother and sister. My brother was in a bad mood and wasn’t really an enthusiastic participant. And my sister was a giggly wiggly worm the entire time. So 50 pictures later, how may were usable? Drum roll please………………. (can you sense my sarcasm?) Ta-da!  3 of my brother, 2 of my sister, and 1 of them together. That is pathetic. Closed eyes, turned heads, sudden movements, and half-smiles made this photo session a struggle for me. But I ended up enough pictures to fill a frame for grandma, so the hard work paid off. So in the end, I realized that other than babies, I don’t think I’ll be photographing people anymore. Hey, at least I learned sooner, instead of later.


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