Ok, so I’ve added some links to baby/pregnancy/birthing websites and blogs recently, so let me go ahead and clear a few things up. I am not pregnant, nor are Denny and I trying to get pregnant. I am just extremely interested in pregnancy and childbirth. If I hadn’t decided to become a teacher, I would have been a midwife. Well, I would have liked to, but I don’t think I could have passed all of the science classes (I’m pretty bad at those). I love all things baby, and I am so interested in learning all that I can about pregnancy and childbirth. Plus after all, I will be pregnant someday. Just not next week, or next month, or even next year (hopefully).


3 thoughts on “Babies

  1. Oh, Megan. Brian and I can talk your ear off about this. I have a lot of books and tapes to give you, too. We rarely get a chance to share the whole experience and our beliefs with anyone — but we should all get together some time to talk about it. One of the things that influeced my decision was the fact that all the women I talked to — all the women who used natural birthing techniques said they “would do it again.” A glow came over there face when they shared their experiences. I am so proud of you (and Brian is, too) for educating yourself. Our mid-wife was an angel. She hugged me and hugged my baby. They held Beatrice when they came to the room to check on us. It was SO personal. They really, honestly, truely cared about ME and my baby. We weren’t a number. We were not a liability. We weren’t a risk. We were a first time mother and a child. We were flesh, blood, and heart. We were someone that they knew. I can promise you one thing — whichever route you do choose when the time comes you will be happy, content, and satisfied with your decision because you have cared enough and prepared and educated yourself. Because this is such a delicate subject it is best spoken about it person. But, I know you will be a wonderful mother and Denny a wonderful father. It’s really weird, but, I can often tell a naturally birthed child from a mom and dad’s parenting style. There is just something special and unique about a private setting. Okay, here I go rambeling on and on about it. We have to get together about this. Brian must be involved, too. He has strong opionions about it. love you. love you. love you!

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