Those Handy Hulseys

Yep, Denny and I are pretty handy these days. Well, Denny is more so than me. Anyhow, we have a new hall bathroom! Before, there was linoleum on the floor, oh-so-ugly wallpaper on the walls, and the countertop was the most horrible shade of hunter green that I have ever seen. So we tiled the floor, painted the walls, and installed a new cabinet, sink, and mirror last week. It is beautiful! It feels so clean and spa-like. We can’t wait to show it off (sadly, we rarely have guests). We also rearranged the furniture in our living room, because it just wasn’t working for us. But it looks much better and more cozy now. Next project on the to-do list: kitchen floor makeover! We also plan on painting the rest of the rooms that haven’t already been painted, and the interior decorator inside of me is just dying to come out. Now that I have time to decorate, I’m ready. Pier 1, here I come!

     Bathroom - 2     Bathroom - 3     

Bathroom - 4     Bathroom - 3


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