You Can’t Beat Our Meat

I think we are going to get t-shirts made that say that! Isn’t that hilarious? Well the hunting season is underway, and you know what that means: so is deer processing. Working late, up to my elbows in deer meat, and wearing rubber boots that are oh so stylish is what it’s all about. It’s really not that bad. Actually, I kind of enjoy it. I like being busy. And the extra money is a big help, especially since I will be unemployed starting in January (student teaching all day, every day). I know you can’t imagine me touching raw meat, (I never thought I could either) but I have finally come to the realization that my hands are, in fact, washable. And deer meat tastes good, it’s good for you, and it’s cheaper too, so I have an appreciation for it now that I never had before. So tell everyone you know about Community Deer Processing in the big ol’ town of Nevils. Cause if you haven’t heard already, our meat is hard to beat.


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