Five Alive

I stole this quiz from Christy’s myspace – it’s so different than all the rest…….

5 things I can do:

  1. cook really, really good food

  2. teach

  3. understand math better than most people

  4. capture small details and special moments in my photography

  5. make people laugh

5 things I cannot do:

  1. anything that requires hand-eye coordination

  2. quit procrastinating

  3. be in a good mood in the mornings

  4. drive a stick-shift

  5. hold my breath underwater without holding my nose

5 things I want to do before i die:

  1. have children with Denny

  2. travel all over the world

  3. grow a flower garden, and actually keep it for more than 1 season

  4. build a house

  5. make a difference in someone’s life

5 things than make a man attractive to me

  1. a bubble butt

  2. a sense of humor

  3. a strong work ethic

  4. confidence

  5. the desire to be a wonderful father, just like Denny wants to be someday


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